My Bloody Valentine support added…

The Flowers of Hell

The Flowers of Hell

The Flowers of Hell have been added to the My Bloody Valentine show.

From Wikipedia:

  • Abi Fry’s viola playing can be heard on “True Adventures” from British Sea Power’s Open Season album. The original instrumental version of the track was called Chicken Pig and was the B-side of a Top 20 single in the UK.
  • An earlier version of Foreign Lands was titled Vindaloop and was included on a six track compilation CD that came free with one and a quarter million copies of Britain’s Daily Star. The title comes from a Pogues lyric from the ‘Sick Bed of Cuchulainn’, “There’s devils on each side of you, with bottles in their hands/Give me one more drop of poison, and I’ll dream of foreign lands.”
  • The title “Compound Fractures” was inspired by a lyric in a song called “Psychotherapy “by 60’s folkie Melanie, ‘Does it ease the compound fractures of the head?’ Influenced by Russian folk, Orff, jazz trumpet, and avant garde noise, the Flower’s song was debuted live at the ICA in 2005 and their first attempt at recording it was aborted due to a malfunctioning keyboard.
  • “Opt Out”, the cornerstone of the band’s live set, was originally over 60 minutes in length and the basic structure was penned by Greg Jarvis after rushing home from seeing the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra perform a classical ‘best of’ concert (complete with lasers and cannons) at the Royal Albert Hall.

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