** 1st winner ** Blog Contest! Foto of the Fortnight…

We have a winner!

So we have the 1st winner in the photo of the fortnight contest – it is Dimitri Artemenko.  His pic of the Arctic Monkey’s took the cake.

Fortnight Winner 1

You can hassle Dimitri via his Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647122586

Just like OJ, the contest keeps running.  The rules are below, so keep sending in your entries.

Contest info!!

We’re looking for all the photogs in the crowd to help us make our blog nicer.  If you have a pic that you grabbed at one of our shows and would like all the set time lookers to see it and win some tickets here is your chance.

What: “Foto of the Fortnight” Contest
How: Email a photo from an Emerge show to us and you could win a pair of tickets to an upcoming Emerge show of your choice (restrictions may apply to some shows).
Where & what: Send a jpg (smaller than 250kb) along with:
– Show info (where did you take it or whom and when).
– Your name & link to your blog, Facebook, Friendster or what have you.
– Your contact info so we can work out the tickets.

Send all of this to fortnight (at) emerge (dot) ca.

If you have questions go to the website and send a question, the contest entry email doesn’t reply… the troll is spelling not good.

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