Razorlight Update!

**Contest extended to March 23rd!** 

This is for everyone that purchased a ticket to Razorlight at the Mod Club Theatre, March 1st.  Our sincerest apologies for the late cancellation of the show.  As of right now we are offering full refunds at your point of purchase.  Best efforts were made to reschedule the show, but we were unable to confirm a date as of yet and definitely don’t want to make everyone wait.  They will be back!

Please see the following message from Razorlight’s management team.  They have a fantastic offer!

As a gesture to fans who came to the Razorlight show at the Mod Club in Toronto on March 1st and found that it had been cancelled at the last minute, the band have decided they want to offer fans the chance to see Razorlight play in London. After arriving in Toronto in a blizzard and having to pull the show when Johnny Borrell and Bjorn Agren came down with flu, they wanted to find a way to make up for the loss of the show.  Ticketholders can enter the contest simply by sending an e-mail to feedback (at) emerge (dot) ca and sighting the barcode number on their ticket (12 digit number, right side of the ticket) along with full contact information. On Friday March 23rd the submitted e-mails will be pooled, and two barcode numbers will be chosen at random.  The winners will be informed that afternoon.  So, what exactly will you win?  Flights, and accommodations for 2 nights in London for two people, along with two tickets to see Razorlight play at Earls Court on April 8th.  Its sold out with 17,000 people so it will be an amazing night.  You’ll need passports and to be able to travel to  London leaving April 7 for a couple of days.  Razorlight are also going to try to reschedule the Toronto show as soon as possible.

Johnny Borrell says: “We were really looking forward to the show in Toronto and I was gutted that we had to cancel at the last moment. I know how frustrating it is for the fans to have show pulled at the last moment. I saw the Raveonettes do this once, when we supporting them in Bristol a few years ago, and I know how frustrating it is for the band and the fans. It’s the first show that we’ve pulled due to illness for over 2 years, and we just wanted to do something to try and make up for it particularly to the fans who undertook the journey through the blizzard and snow that night. Hopefully, we’ll be back in may sometime and we will see you there.”

The Emerge Team

8 Responses to “Razorlight Update!”

  1. keenanb says:

    I don’t understand this isn’t a rescheduled date this is a refund and a chance for someone to win something this is not the concert. I think this really sucks on Razorlight’s part. They have a big gap of time during the month of march and they can’t come here to play a show? They are performers arent they? Seems to me this has happened before any body heard of the V festival.

  2. darlita says:

    Does that mean that the show won’t be rescheduled? Great…

  3. Ginette says:

    My friends from England raved to me about Razorlight and got my boyfriend and I hooked on their music. We are so disappointed that the show will not be re-scheduled. From the last minute cancellation and sketchy/limited information about why that happened to the fact that no reason has been given for why it’s not re-scheduled is a public relations debacle and makes Razorlight look like a bunch of jerks who don’t care about their Canadian fans.

    The effects of the last minute cancellation are exacerbated by the lack of communication/explanation (there wasn’t even an apology to the fans in the last update) and not re-scheduling the show. The Canadian Razorlight fans deserve more respect than what they are being given.

  4. keenanb says:

    It may be true when the NME says that “johnny has been alienating his fans”

    i think this completely sucks and i agree completely with Ginette.

  5. Ginette says:

    This revised update is a lot better than what was up here before..

  6. Yeah – sorry about the delay it takes a while to get this type of thing together and we didn’t want everyone to go and return their tickets and then be un-able to enter the contest.

    We also said sorry in the original post about the show… we’re not insensitive.

  7. plucker says:

    WHAT THE FCUZZUKS?!?!?!! You have got to be kidding, mate. My friend trudged all the way from the boonies for THREE HOURS to come to this show in the middle of a Canadian SNOW STORM only to be ROYALLY DISAPPOINTED cause Johnny caught a lite sneeze [Tori Amos]!!! Now not only do you not reschedule the date and show us friendly Canadians a little respect, you offer a “full” refund under the guise of diplomacy, but it’s still a SLAP IN THE FACE because it is not a consolation for the time and energy wasted, nor is it truly a FULL refund because service charges are NOT being refunded.

    You do not just catch “the flu” 10 minutes before set time. Surely Princess Johnny could have let his fans know ahead of time that he was puking his guts and blowing his lungs out of his nostrils. This is all an ugly crusty lie and I’m not ‘avin’ it!!! Now you go ahead and book those boys back to Toronto right now or else I am going to burn my copy of their album in quiet protest!!

  8. arpan says:

    What is wrong with you people? Shit happens. Deal with it. Yea, I’m just as miserable about the cancellation. It took me two hours to drive down there, and despite the crazy slippery roads, there were still idiots speeding and slipping around. My friend and I even booked off work for the show. If we hadn’t of done that, we would’ve got paid for the entire evening since our workplace closed at 5pm due to the weather. But shit happens. And MOHAIR were awesome, so atleast something good came out of it (but that was mine and my friend’s personal experience.) Seriously, stop your sobbing already, it’s embarrassing. Oh, and NME SUCKS, btw.

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